Bucket Elevators - 

Nelson Metal's Modular Stainless Steel Bucket Elevators are built with two things in mind;  Quality and Longevity.  Simply put, we build our elevators to provide years of continuous production.  Aside from using stainless steel construction we outfit our bucket elevators with USA made Fafnir Survivor Series Bearings for a superior lifespan giving our customers more for their money.

Dryer Replacement Parts -

Using only the latest in manufacturing technology, Nelson Metal produces select replacement parts for Wolverine Proctor & Schwartz Dryers.  Contact us today for a current list of replacement parts we offer for your dryer.  We can save you up to 20% on your next purchase. 

Nelson Metal Take-Ups -

Our Food Processing and Conveyor take-ups are constructed from corrosion resistant T-304 Stainless Steel plate and 303 Stainless Steel threaded rod.  Our open design allows for easy cleaning and maintenance as well as eliminate bacteria traps which plague most take-ups on the market today.


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