NMT-6 Take-up Unit


Utilizing the full potential of our FLOW Waterjet and CNC Machine shop we were able to create an exciting new take-up unit for the food processing industry.  The NMT-6 Take-up Unit was specially designed with Food Processing in mind.  Constructed from corrosion resistant T-304 Stainless Steel plate and 303 Stainless Steel threaded rod, these units will not rust or contaminate product coming off your line.  Our open design allows for easy cleaning and maintenance as well as eliminate bacteria traps which plague most take-ups on the market today.

Fitting our take-ups on your conveyors is as easy as tightening four 1/2" bolts.  Slotted mounting plates allow for a variety of sizes when choosing the right pillow block bearing for your application.

Weld-on take-ups (shown above) as well as custom sizes are available upon request.  Please contact Eric Nelson for more information.


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