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has been serving customers with pride for over 50 years.  Nelson's commitment to quality work at a competitive price has earned the trust of over 760 companies here in the Northwest and internationally.  To compliment its full-service metal fabrication business, Nelson Metal is proud to introduce its new service of cutting parts using a FLOW Waterjet.  The only one of its kind in Idaho, this machine's accuracy, versatility and repeatability is the new standard in machining.  It can cut any part out of almost any material and at a very competitive price.

The latest in machine tool technology, this Waterjet uses a 60,000 PSI stream of water and abrasive grit to cut, shape, drill, and finish on the fly.

  • Cutting table: 6 feet by 12 feet

  • No airborne particles or toxic fumes

  • Environmentally friendly

A computer-aided drawing system allows for accurate results, unlimited repeatability, and tolerances set to your specifications.

  • Accuracy as tight as .003 inches

  • Repeatability of .001 inches

  • Adjustable cutting speeds allows you to choose from near net shaping all the way to a finished part.

  • Nesting the drawing allows Nelson's to maximize the number of parts per sheet of raw material.  This reduces scrap keeping material cost to a minimum

Parts cut by Nelson's offer unsurpassed quality with far less production time than traditional machining.

  • Cuts materials up to 8 inches thick.

  • Stacking raw materials allows multiple parts to be cut in a single pass.

  • No heat-affected zone or thermal damage normally associated with laser or plasma cutters.

Nelson's can cut almost any available raw material up to 8 inches thick.

  • Metals

  • Plastics

  • Glass (non-tempered)

  • Fiberglass

  • Lexan

  • Tiles and Masonry

  • Granite, Marble and other Stones

  • Composites

  • Laminates

  • Wood

How Parts Are Quoted:

The variables that determine price include kind of material, thickness and edge quality.  Knowing these parameters, Nelson Metal Technology needs only a part for measurement, drawing with specifications, or a .dxf/autocad-based computer drawing to give you a 100% accurate per piece price.  No doubt, no confusion, no costly revisions.  The result is a highly accurate part, with unlimited repeatability, and costs reduced up to 75% compared to traditional machining.


Call Nelson Metal Technology for more information or a free sample cut of your required material.  Nelson's can save you money on your cut parts.


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